A Counting Edge - Studio Sixty8
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A Counting Edge

A Counting Edge is a boutique bookkeeping company, that is exploding with personality. After our initial meeting, it was obvious that the existing brand was not doing this bubbly company justice. So what started as a need for a website, turned into a complete rebrand.


A fresh approach was taken to highlight that this was no ordinary dull bookkeeping company. The new logo uses vibrant colouring, but minimalist styling reflecting the outgoing personality, but professional attitude. The new logo was used to create new signage, business cards and stationery.


The website uses extensive photography by Eddison Photographic Studios and image manipulation to stylise the characters, and develop the fun yet professional image.


Visiting this website is a must.


Bookkeeping is boring ?? I THINK NOT !


September 10, 2016

Branding, Logo, Photography, Signage, Stationery, Web